Be a V.I.P. Member
(Vision. Impact. Purpose.)

Work Life Project’s Premier Membership Program

Hey there, incredible woman! Let’s Kickstart Your Transformation!

Do you feel like you’re on a career or life treadmill, going nowhere fast?

Looking for soulful connections and a community who will lift you up?

Well, it’s time to say a big ‘Hello!’ to Work Life Project’s V.I.P. (Vision. Impact. Purpose.) Membership Program – your golden ticket to a whole new world of possibilities.

It’s a wild world out there, especially for us ladies. We’re often stuck in these echo chambers of isolation, grinding away, but not really getting where we want to be. It’s like walking with a pebble in your shoe – uncomfortable, annoying, and totally avoidable!

The worse thing is, “staying stuck” means waving goodbye to dreams that could have been, living a half-version of your awesome self, and accepting a ‘just-okay’ life. Yikes! It’s like having a Ferrari (that’s you, by the way) parked in the driveway without ever taking it for a spin.

We are here for you –  It’s all about Work Life Project’s V.I.P. Experience!

 What is the V.I.P. Experience?

The V.I.P. Framework

The V.I.P. (Vision, Impact, Purpose) Program is an empowerment journey for women, focusing on personal and professional growth.

It guides participants through developing a personal vision, understanding and creating impact, and discovering their purpose.

The V.I.P. Framework is a self-paced online training designed for women ready to embrace their full potential, forge a path of impactful work, and lead a purposeful life.



Skill-Building with a Heart

Ready to transform the way you grow – both in your career and as the incredible woman you are? Our workshops and webinars go way beyond the usual skill-building.

We’re talking heart-stirring, ambition-fueling, soul-deep sessions that connect the dots between who you are and what you do.

Engage in interactive sessions that not only teach but inspire, fostering both your career and personal aspirations.

Exclusive Connection with Trailblazers

Get into intimate, inspiring sessions with women who are not just playing the game – they’re totally rewriting the rules.

From industry mavens to entrepreneurial trailblazers, these are the women who know what it’s like to walk the path you’re on. It’s not just networking. It’s forming genuine, lasting relationships with mentors who can guide you, challenge you, and cheer you on as you carve out your own path to success.


A Circle of Support

Join a community where every victory, big or small, is celebrated with cheers, high-fives, and maybe even a happy dance or two.

This is your safe haven where you’re not just another face in the crowd. You’re a vital thread in a vibrant tapestry of women committed to uplifting each other. Here, you’ll find a circle of friends, mentors, and cheerleaders who are all in for your success and well-being.

Treasure Trove of Resources

Get ready to tap into a goldmine of resources and turn your goals into achievements. We’re not just talking about a bunch of articles and tools. This is a carefully curated collection that’s all about what YOU need to thrive.

Imagine having a library at your fingertips, packed with insightful reads, practical tools, and nuggets of wisdom, all geared towards your personal and professional growth.

Spark Change in the Community

Get involved with community events hosted by Work Life Project. These events are your playground for personal and professional growth, where every challenge is an opportunity to learn, evolve, and shine.

So, roll up those sleeves and let’s get started. Because when we join hands and hearts, there’s no limit to the good we can do.


Exclusive Discounts

Automatic 15% discount on tickets to all face-to-face workshops and other services


All Access Pass

Unlimited access to all online courses designed to cater to your every aspiration and need


Members Only Community

Belong to a community of peers and mentors, all sharing, learning, and growing together 

Powerful Collaboration

Seize the opportunity to collaborate with the Work Life Project in launching your events or courses

V.I.P. Member Spotlight

Inspires others and amplify your impact to the community as a featured member

Your Investment

When it comes to investing in yourself, V.I.P. is where value meets values. It’s about investing in a version of you that’s more empowered, connected, and fulfilled.

Listen, the investment you make in V.I.P. goes way beyond the tangible. You’re not just buying access to resources and networks; you’re investing in your growth, your dreams, and your future.

This is about putting your money where your heart is. Your investment in V.I.P. is a step towards the woman you’re becoming. It’s funding your journey to greater confidence, deeper connections, and a career that aligns with your deepest passions.


So, are you ready to make an investment that will transform your life in ways you can’t even imagine?



What women say about Work Life Project

I was so blessed to have an evening of wine appreciation with the women of Work Life Project, held at La Rosa Vino.

So thankful to have been given a chance to share my advocacy. Thank you ladies for supporting my jewelry business also.

This group of women is special because we all strive to live beyond just the daily grind. So glad to hear stories from business owners who live for their employees also. See you all again!

Jance Payoyo

Artist/ Entrepreneur

Cheers to a delightful evening filled with wisdom, wine, and wonderful company at the “Women, Wisdom & Wine” event by Work Life Project at La Rosa Vino, Maginhawa Quezon City.

From learning the art of appreciating wine to embracing the journey it takes us on, thanks to the expertise of La Rosa Vino owner.

The speed networking and dream sharing session led by the incredible women of Work Life Project brought us closer, forging new friendships and connections.

Cel Villagonzalo

Events Manager

Thank you so much, Gwenn and the whole team of Work Life Project!

I had a great time seeing old friends in the flesh and meeting new people, too.

The highlight for me was the last session with Confidence Coach Kristine Loyola. Very empowering! Congrats and more to come!

Jehan Prochina


Cheers to the magic of Women, Wisdom, & Wine, an event by Work Life Project at La Rosa Vino.

It was an evening filled with inspiring conversations, fine wine, and incredible women.

Cheers to celebrating YOU and the power of shared expertise!

DJ Acey


Had so much fun! So very grateful for the opportunity to support women and to work with Work Life Project.

Cecille Rebollos

Personal Branding Coach

Experiencing firsthand and being part of the journey of these passionate women is truly amazing!
Ian Felix Alquiros


Congratulations! Work Life Project will for sure flourish in empowering and inspiring women. Working with purpose which is so aligned with my core values, let me know if you guys need help with your upcoming activities. One message away.

Aiza Mesina

Restaurant Owner

I accept invites to Work Life Project outreach programs in a heartbeat. Here’s why:

God centered
– Work Life Project leaders serve the needy as an offering to Him who matters most. The group’s mission and core values are hinged on this.

– Groceries and other items bought for the Christmas gift-giving project and relief operations were accounted for down to the last centavo.

– Every outreach event is aimed at serving and empowering the poorest of the poor, including calamity victims and children from depressed areas.

– Everything is transparent, all queries are answered from Day 1 to the big day.

– Whether it’s business talks, personal branding or expanding industry network, WLP seminars are well thought of. They are relevant and address the individual objectives of participants.

The list goes on. Plus, perks. My favorite is winning a bottle of premium wine from La Rosa Vino.

Maritess Cordero


Work Life Project Team

Gwenn Doria
Founder & Creative Catalyst

Gwenn is a creative thinker who values heart-centered solutions to challenges. She is all about creating meaningful outcomes and relationships that align with authenticity. Work Life Project is her way of ending women’s elusive pursuit of a supportive community to help them create impactful work and live purposeful lives. Gwenn leads the overall initiatives of Work Life Project.

Kristine Loyola
Co-Founder & Confidence Coach

Kristine embodies confidence, authenticity, and unwavering belief in the human spirit. She helps people unlock their full potential and live their best lives through heart-centered coaching. Kristine is Work Life Project’s beacon of light in our journey towards our authentic selves & unshakeable confidence.

Cheryll Nuesca
Co-Founder &
Synergy Expert

Cheryll has a remarkable ability to create cohesive teams. She is a master collaborator and has a deep passion for collective success. She inspires others to embrace collaboration, transcend personal agendas, and embrace the value of collective success. Cheryll leads Work Life Project’s empowering community events.

Danessa Vergara
Co-Founder &
Knowledge Champion

Danessa is committed to lifelong learning and sharing knowledge. She recognizes that knowledge, when shared, has the power to uplift individuals and communities, sparking innovation, promoting understanding, and empowering others to reach their full potential. Danessa presides Work Life Project’s learning programs.

Annabelle Corpus
Co-Founder &
Compassion Advocate

Annabelle’s heart is always brimming with empathy and relentless dedication to making a difference in people’s lives. Her genuine compassion towards the less fortunate made her champion causes that would alleviate their sufferings. Annabelle spearheads Work Life Project’s community outreach events.