Our Core Values


We value collaboration and cooperation over competition. We acknowledge and value each other’s unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.


We are confident in our strengths and capabilities. While we also empower others by enabling and supporting them to become empowered themselves.


We promote and value honest expression of thoughts and feelings. We create an environment where individuals feel safe and are encouraged to share their challenges, without fear of judgment or pretense.


We cultivate a culture of respect where everyone is treated with dignity and kindness despite differences in opinions. We encourage respectful interactions all the time to nurture a genuine sense of belonging.


We anchor our relationship on trust. We engage in constructive discussions, actively listen to different perspectives, and work towards understanding and supporting others with empathy.

Who We Are

Gwenn Doria
Founder & Creative Catalyst

Gwenn is a creative thinker who values heart-centered solutions to challenges. She is all about creating meaningful outcomes and relationships that align with authenticity. Work Life Project is her way of ending women’s elusive pursuit of a supportive community to help them create impactful work and live purposeful lives. Gwenn leads the overall initiatives of Work Life Project.

Annabelle Corpus
Co-Founder &
Compassion Advocate

Annabelle’s heart is always brimming with empathy and relentless dedication to making a difference in people’s lives. Her genuine compassion towards the less fortunate made her champion causes that would alleviate their sufferings. Annabelle spearheads Work Life Project’s community outreach events.  

Kristine Loyola
Co-Founder &
Confidence Coach

Kristine embodies confidence, authenticity, and unwavering belief in the human spirit. She helps people unlock their full potential and live their best lives through heart-centered coaching. Kristine is Work Life Project’s beacon of light in our journey towards our authentic selves & unshakeable confidence. 

Cheryll Nuesca
Co-Founder &
Synergy Expert

Cheryll has a remarkable ability to create cohesive teams. She is a master collaborator and has a deep passion for collective success. She inspires others to embrace collaboration, transcend personal agendas, and embrace the value of collective success. Cheryll leads Work Life Project’s empowering community events. 

Danessa Vergara
Co-Founder &
Knowledge Champion

Danessa is committed to lifelong learning and sharing knowledge. She recognizes that knowledge, when shared, has the power to uplift individuals and communities, sparking innovation, promoting understanding, and empowering others to reach their full potential. Danessa presides Work Life Project’s learning programs.